2017 DEMA Show: What You Should Know

DEMA Show 2017

Didn't make it to DEMA 2017? No problem. Here is what you should know...

DEMA Basics

What is DEMA?

DEMA, produced by The Diving Equipment & Marketing Association, is the world's largest trade event for dive industry professionals. 

Who can attend?

Sorry muggles, DEMA is not open to the public. The event is exclusively for *dive industry professionals*

DEMA considers dive operators, retailers, manufacturers, international distributers, tourism / travel agencies, professionally certified SCUBA divers, influencers, and other "industry professionals" worthy of admittance. Registration and proper credentials are necessary to attend. If you fall under any of those categories, it is certainly worth seeing.

2017 Show Highlights

DEMA 2017 featured educational seminars, showroom exhibits, underwater demonstrations, snapshot lectures, tech diving resources, and an annual awards ceremony. 

DEMA-Sponsored Education

DEMA hosted a number of educational workshops aimed at advancing your business and outreach. Workshops included hands-on sessions devoted to digital marketing, business strategies, social media advertising, operational management, sales and inventory, and Lionfish

We know what you're thinking - "Lionfish? That seems out of place."
You're right, they are. And its a huge problem.

In case you didn't know, heres the 411 on Lionfish... 
Lionfish are Indo-Pacific fish that have invaded the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and Atlantic. With no natural predators, they rule the roost in these marine environments. Female Lionfish produce 40,000 eggs every 3-4 days, making their populations skyrocket. Not to mention, they can eat almost anything - and they do.

Needless to say, they're an issue. But, they are delicious, so DEMA brought in Lad Akins, the World Lionfish Expert from REEF Environmental Education Foundation, the Wholefoods Sustainable Seafood Supply Manager, and others to discuss the fish. As this informational tangent comes to a close, consider purchasing a Lionfish Cookbook and adding this incredibly healthy fish to your menu. 

Underwater Demonstrations

The exhibit floor featured a large pool, which served as a stage for underwater product demonstrations. Among the technologies debuted at the DEMA pool showcase, underwater drones were a 3D Sea favorite. OpenROV developed a underwater drone for scientific and educational use, whereas Hoverstar Technology, Inc. created an underwater drone for recreational, human mobility purposes. So "underwater drone" may be a loose term. Either way, they are cool, and we dig it. 


DEMA agrees, we should all Sea in 3D.

3D technology was an emerging theme among this years exhibitors. As 3D Sea expected, the technology is starting to gain the recognition it deserves. Exhibitors featured 3D virtual reality equipment, virtual reality production, and 3D exploration with underwater drones. 

Other exhibits featured underwater photography equipment and resources, commercial and tech-diving gear, SCUBA equipment and merchandise, and plenty of #bucketlist dive destinations.

Visit the DEMA Show Website for More Event Recaps and Details