Virtual Reality Tour of Bird's Head Seascape

Bird's Head Seascape is a unique, bustling underwater landscape. The peninsula boasts epic biodiversity- over 1700 fish and 600 coral species call this region home. To put that into perspective, that is more fish species than the Great Barrier Reef and more coral species than the entire Caribbean Ocean - whoaa. In fact, Bird's Head Seascape is the most biodiverse region of its size in the world. Located in West Papua, Indonesia, this area is scuba diver heaven.

Bird's Head Seascape Photo courtesy of Jeff Lemelin,  Bird's Head Seascape

Bird's Head Seascape
Photo courtesy of Jeff Lemelin, Bird's Head Seascape

Just over a decade ago, locals from surrounding communities joined forces to protect this underwater metropolis. Locals created a network of 12 marine protected areas to preserve 3.6 million hectares of the area. Among these are Indonesia’s first shark and ray sanctuary, which enforces strict protection of the local shark and ray populations. 

Of course, not everyone is fortunate enough to visit this underwater utopia. 

Cue virtual reality

Virtual reality is stepping out of the gaming world to engage audiences in the world around us. Thanks to a collaboration between Conservation International, The Tiffany & Co Foundation, and Here Be the Dragons Production, virtual reality can now take you to the depths of the Coral Triangle. 

With Virtual Reality, you can now enjoy a wetsuit-free dive into this marine-life mecca.
Conservation International’s 360 video allows you to interact with the scene and swivel around as you watch. Even without a virtual reality headset, you feel immersed in the landscape- like you are right there with the film crew.

Check out the video below and experience the beauty of Bird’s Head Seascape for yourself.