What is 3D Sea?

3D Sea is a project to inspire the use of 3D technology in marine research pursuits and conservation outreach.

3D Sea purpose

3D Sea is a source of inspiration to cultivate creativity and collaboration among researchers, communicators, and the public.


Why 3D Technology?

3D technology contributed to advancements in research and education around the world, but has yet to 'make waves' in marine conservation. Embracing this technology in research, outreach, and communication can foster deeper understanding of marine issues and inspire action towards conservation solutions.


How Can 3D technology be applied?


Incorporating 3D technology into marine conservation allows us the flexibility and replicability to improve our understanding of the ocean, both in situ and in vitro.


For some, sight of the ocean’s surface signifies— whether it be home, vacation, recreation, or work— they have reached their destination. This blue frontier separates us from the world below. 3D technologies bring the ocean to life by recreating the habitats and animals that remain hidden in plain sight.

Incorporating 3D technology into education and outreach materials will increase awareness of our connection to these habitats and encourage ocean stewardship, even while far removed from the shore.